We do things a bit differently here. In this space we will collaborate to tell your story authentically and creatively. We will workopenly, with honesty and intuition.

The Experience




First tell me ALL about yourself. The more open you are with me, the more authentically I can capture your story.


So bring it on!


I  want to hear all about who you are as a person, your love story, your dreams, your ideas, and your passions. 

It's here that we will get to know each other as people so that you step in front of my camera as a friend, not a stranger. 

This is where we figure out all of the logistics. Whether we're making your wedding schedule or finding the perfect location for your portraits, we will work all of these details out together.

Here is where we start to get super creative. Whatever it is that we're creating together, let's make it wholly you. Even if that means breaking traditions. 

Let's think out of the box!

Now it's time to collaborate. First, let go of perfection. Then feel free to get weird.


We'll wander around our location, letting inspiration take us where it will. There are NO bad ideas so pitch in your thoughts because the more creative energy, the better.

We'll try some fun things, some serious things, some silly things. But mostly just trust me. Let me capture you as genuinely as possible.


There are SO many incredible things that I could say about Shelby and her work, I don't know where to begin! She is fun, professional, creative, efficient, and talented. As someone who hates having pictures taken, she put my fiance and I so at ease-- it felt more like a date than a photo shoot. She took care of all the planning, choosing locations that were both meaningful and beautiful. She coached us through a variety of pictures, both candid and posed, so that we came away with a wide range of shots in several unique styles. She communicated quickly and kindly, and her pricing is extremely reasonable. We are so happy with all of the photos and memories she provided. I'd recommend Shelby to anyone in a heartbeat!!!

Robert + Christa

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